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Benefits Of Barcoding In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Posted by Admin on April, 20, 2021

In healthcare today, patient safety is one of the biggest issues. In 2000, To Err Is Human was published by the Institute of Medicinal Products (IOM) and a growing number of publications report medical errors worldwide. One of the methods recognized in the reduction of such errors is automated identifier technology (barcoding). It helps to improve performance and the precise entry of data into automated systems.

The ability to collect data via barcode scanners and compatible databases allows health care practitioners to check, with a correct dosage on the right track "five patient's rights" whether the right medicine has been used at the appropriate time for the proper patient. Pharmaceutical barcode labels in Gujarat are capable of saving lives while generating a high return on investment, not just inexpensive.

Benefits Of Barcode:

Medical Inaccuracies And Utilization Of Barcodes
A bar code is a data display that is readable by the computer. Barcodes supplied by pharmaceutical barcode labels suppliers are fast, simple and precise for data collection and entry. It does not contain descriptive data, but simply a machine file reference number with the respective data.

Barcodes Can Be Used In Hospitals In The Following Areas To Enhance Processes:

● Registration and acceptance of patients for – patient forms.
– Patient labels and wristbands.
– Records of the patient.
– Accounts and billing for patients.

● Protection of patients, provision of clinical treatment and patient follow-up using barcodes:
– Down to unit dose levels of pharmaceuticals.
– Medical equipment down to the floor of the unit.
– Medical personnel and patients identification.
– Patient charts/medical history and test/results requests for orders.

● Management of products, supplies and materials for
– Tracking/checking inventory.
– Monitoring and logistics materials.
– Tracking of equipment and materials reusable/refurbished.
– Inverse chain of supply (eg, product recalls and warnings).

Given that the Department of Health and Human Services in the United States consider the major advantages of automated product recognition, a final rule was released requiring electronically readable barcodes for the packaging of pharmaceutical, biológical and blood products that are provided by the hospital.

Traceability and Counterfeiting
The effect of barcoding on the rationalization of the supply chain and stock management are additional factors to be considered. Full supply chain management and efficient product traceability are possible in conjunction with electronic communications. It is a problem that today concerns the healthcare and regulatory authorities and that grows in significance around the world that will deter counterfeiting.

However, additional product identifying data such as expiry date, lot/batch number and serial number can provide traceability and credibility to the supply chain. The effectiveness of counterfeiting can only be effectively combated when these data are available in all processes and stakeholders in the supply chain. It is possible to contain all this information on very small products and packs with the new pharmaceutical barcode labels symbologies (such as data matrix and RSS).

Final Words

Most significantly, bar codes are an essential move to improving patient safety on medicines and medical devices. It also allows medicines to be tracked before, after and after a medical procedure. It is also possible to collect data with little manual input in the electronic registry of patients, which enables traceability for the reminder but also better cost estimate of care.

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