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What Is A Barcode?

Posted by Admin on June, 15, 2021

First things first, let us start by telling all our beautiful readers as to what a barcode is. Well, a barcode is basically number that are printed underneath the lines drawn on it having black and white bars. Barcodes are basically designed for computers in order to read the required information ASAP only by scanning through the help of laser light or red LED.

What is a barcode printer?

Now, what is a barcode printer? Well, a barcode printer is a computer peripheral, which aids in printing labels of tags or barcodes, which can further be attached to or printed as it is on the tangible objects. Barcode printers are basically used to label packages before their shipment or even to label the items in retail with EANs or UPCs. Generally, the common technology that most of the barcode printer is gifted with is that of direct thermal printers. In a thermal technology, a print-head is used in order to generate heat, which helps in a chemical reaction the heat thaws a substance in a wax form on a ribbon, which is done over the label or material of the tag.

Reasons why barcode is important?

Below are some of the reasons why it is very significant to use barcode. Checkout!

1. Error Prevention
One of the most common reasons as to why one should use barcodes is to prevent errors that might occur when things are done manually. So, basically when you track a lot of errors it would be heavy on your pockets as the results are not exact. Manual tracking of the products and items may lead to more money investment and time as well. Moreover, such tracking practices also led to many errors, but with barcode systems, this issue is kicked away. It is also to be mentioned here that barcodes are nearly 10,000 times more accurate than manual tracking.

2. Large Inventory Tracking
There is no denying the fact that companies and businesses would have to maintain inventories in hundreds and/or millions without barcodes. Barcodes easily, quickly and accurately help in tracking large stocks.

3. Cost Savings
There is no denying the fact that employing barcode system helps in saving a lot of money. Prior to the barcode system, employees were the ones who used to track the merchandise. Of course, such practice would have cost way much more than barcode scanning systems. Kicking away more number of employee cost helps in making any company efficient as well as also increase the bottom line.

4. Speed
In addition to all the pointers above, barcodes also help in speeding up the entire procedure of keeping an eye on the store and inventory.

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