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What Are The Advantages Of Various Barcode Ribbons

Posted by Admin on April, 14, 2020

Barcode Ribbons are important if you have them for your thermal transfer printer. The barcode ribbons are even much more important if you have a printing business. If your work revolves around printing various kinds of labels for all your projects, like labels of jars or shipping labels.

Another important thing which you must keep in mind while using the thermal transfer printer is, you should use the right type of barcode ribbon for the products. Using the wrong type of thermal transfer ribbon affects both the quality of all your printed labels and also can end up costing you money if you match the ribbons improperly with your product material. Here is a guide for you to understand what is the difference between the thermal transfer ribbons and the ones that have properties suitable for any label needs.

The full wax ribbons-

The full wax ribbons are the most common type. In the full wax ribbons, there is a wax-based ink used that melts into the product. It is usually cheaper than any other kind of ribbon. But also its less durable. Because of its low durability, it is mostly suitable for only short-term labels like a warehouse, mail, retail, etc. It is suggested that it is best if used on plain, uncoated paper stock.

The full resin ribbons-

The full resin barcode ribbons are the most expensive type. Also, it is the most resilient type of ribbon found in terms of the chemical resistance which it has, the durability is great, weather and temperature resistance are also amazing. Mostly the full resin barcode ribbons are used for labelling the sensitive medical applications. Or chemicals that require high durability. In most of the non-specialized cases, the full resin barcode ribbons are a much better and cost-effective option.

Wax/resins barcode ribbons-

The mixture of both the wax and resin barcode ribbons provides the printed labels with much more durability than the other full-wax counterparts. The mixture of both provides the printed with an ability to print on many other materials like the glossy, synthetics or coated paper stocks. And also the waterproof materials. Though it is costlier than the full wax ribbons. It is the best choice for the products which are exposed to weather conditions and the changing temperatures. Also for materials which will be constantly handled.

Choosing the resin barcode ribbons is the best option as it is highly used in both offices and at home.

You just have to choose the best company that can provide you with the best resin barcode ribbons at a reasonable price rate.

There are companies of resin barcode ribbons in Gujarat but you can’t just go with any random company. Be careful and do your research before confirming with one company.

Make sure the company has a good name in the market for supplying good quality resin barcode ribbons in Gujarat. Check whether the company has a good business record or not. By looking into these areas you can be sure whether the company you choose is a good quality supplier or not. So check these factors and then choose the company that supplies the best resin barcode ribbons in Gujarat.

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